A few years ago, when I learned more about industrial farming and agribusiness, I stepped into my local supermarket and found myself paralyzed, wondering what the heck I was able to buy that would assuage my conscience–because let’s face it, I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan. (<–feel free not to proselytize about that.) In any event, I find the most difficult thing to do is try to buy food with a “conscience,” especially when labels are left unregulated and GMO’s are not identified, and “natural” means anything but natural.

Concerning meat products, I do spend time researching various companies that purport to be “natural” or “humane.” I decided that if I find a company with an ethos that is honest and forthright, I will gladly post it here so that others who are struggling to “buy with a conscience” will have a point of reference. I would love it if some other consumers could share companies and brands to whom they are loyal who practice more ethical and natural ways of food production.

In time, I hope to have a frutiful–yikes, a pun!– repository of brands and businesses listed here who participate in full consumer disclosure, and advocate for sustainability, health, and animal welfare.

In the meantime, I eagerly anticipate farmer’s market season! I can’t wait to buy local, organic, and support family farms by hitting up my local farmer’s markets.


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