As a BzzAgent, I had the opportunity to sign up for, which is a site that allows me to create a digital “calling card” that links up all of my online media. What’s cool about is that not only is it easy to use, but it provides one, graphically-pleasing platform for my internet presence. Through BzzAgent, I received an offer to score 50 business cards from as well, which I will redeem once I format my site in the way I want. is very easy to use; its simple and interactive design interface allowed me to choose a variety of color schemes, opacity for text boxes, an original background image, and more. I chose to use a background design that shares with the public so that I could advertise my online Avon store. At any time, I can upload an image of my choice to further personalize my page.

I like the feature at the top of that allows me to browse different users’ profiles. There are so many different people using this service–some, like me, who are advertising a business, and others, who use it as a portal to their other online media. I was inspired to design my own after spending some time reviewing other user’s pages–clearly, there is a need for a “one-portal” concept to link up one’s internet presence. On my page, I linked my facebook, twitter, this blog, and my Avon online store page. If I direct people to my link, it’s easy for them to navigate these links from one place. currently has an email feature as well–I claimed my email name and now I can get free email through the site. It’s another way to drive my potential Avon customers to my facebook business page as well as my Avon online store. I appreciate the opportunity to receive and send mail through the site! I don’t need to rely on personal email accounts; seems to have all avenues covered!

I would recommend to anyone who wants some internet visibility and a place to organize one’s internet life. With an intuitive set-up, doesn’t require that you be a computer programmer to set up your internet “calling card.” You can create a pleasing, clean, and interesting site in minutes–and you can track its traffic through the site stats. Very cool! I’ll keep you posted to see how my is helping me stay organized while also promoting my Avon business!

Here is the link to my page:

Thanks, BzzAgent! 🙂