I’ve signed up to write for, which I am very jazzed about–I am the “Newark Family Examiner” which leaves me a lot of leeway to write about topics that inspire me. I also joined EduBook and I’m waiting for my first assignment. I just hope that I have enough energy and stamina to do the writing for these sites while I am teaching.

Teaching–I can’t figure out my goals. I keep changing my mind in terms of what I want to teach, how I want to start. I hate having the freshmen blocks because two hours is a long time to fill up every few days. I end up telling wacky stories and just behaving like a side-show. My job drains my energy.

College search–We are on the lookout and move because Matt is applying to colleges. It’s such a huge topic that I can barely think about it. Organization isn’t my strong suit, so managing all of the deadlines and college visits have me feeling overwhelmed.

Crafting–if only I could craft and write all day! I have to make a ton of stock for The Craftique craft shows that are coming up. I didn’t get paid yet and I desperately need to buy supplies. I want to get labels with my name on them so that I can start advertising my stuff!

Tired. IBS is draining me, and I don’t have the $ to buy the food I need to get it under control. Not only do I need more hours in a day, I need more money in a day!