My little guy, Timothy, was born in November, 2007, and I decided to stay at home with him until my teaching schedule started up again in September 2008. What a journey that’s been! I never had the time to do that with my first son, who was born sixteen years ago while I was still getting my degrees. Staying at home–it’s sometimes exciting, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes lonely. Yet these months have gone by so fast–Timothy has learned to smile, laugh, cluck like a dolphin. His two bottom teeth have erupted and he’s so interested in food.

I’m ambivalent about going back to work. Overall, Timothy’s a happy baby and he is so curious about his world. He will have to be in day care, and I did find a very great place that is so fastidious about cleanliness. I just hope that he doesn’t lose his happy self–I hope he can adjust and find a way to sleep, eat, and play at a new environment. I will keep you posted 🙂