He fed me pomegranate seeds
one by one; I felt the rubies burst
on my tongue–now I’m tethered here,
living a half-life, shrouded in darkness.


Poor Persephone, tricked into living with Hades for half of every year. I wrote this small poem in response to the Exercises and Challenges bulletin board posted on http://www.arcanumcafe.com

There, writers post a four-line poem that is inspired by one word left in a previous bulletin board post. I used the word “Underworld.”


One Response to “Underworld”

  1. Maria (Loon) Says:

    This is fantastic! When I saw your blog listed, I had to check it out and so glad I did!

    I am working my way from the start of your posts, to current. It will take me a while, but it will be worth it 🙂

    I haven’t had my current blog for very long. (Since May of this year, actually) I haven’t posted any of my writings on there, yet…but I plan on it very soon!

    I will check out that site. I love using writing exercises/challenges/prompts. It helps me try things with my writing that I may not have otherwise considered.

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