She watches her lover sip the witches’ brew
with disgust, his familiar form silhouetted by the evening’s blue cloak.

Many twilights are spent the same way–
listening to the koi swish beneath the pond’s
mirrored-glass surface, time passing with each pucker
of their orange-black lips. Her fish friends speak a foreign language;

she believes that they murmur secrets about escape–

help trapped within bubbles that rise to the surface.
She leans in closer to capture the mysteries
and drown out the icy tinkle in his nearby glass
as he brings it to his lips, lost in his own rituals.


This was in response to a writer’s block challenge, for which you have to write a poem based upon words listed by a previous writer. The words I got–disgust, blue, many, glass, time, friends, help. Why don’t you give a poem a try using the same words?