February 2007

She precariously parked the supermarket cart,
watching its worn wheels
jump the concrete curb; it teetered dubiously
as if to remark–this prison is temporary.


…after I started advising the Global Connections club @ the high school where I teach, I became more aware of global issues–such as World Water Day. Also, I spend so much time drinking Starbucks (yum) and they sell http://www.ethoswater.com  which is dedicated to donating $10 million to children around the world who suffer from a lack of clean water–it was there that I found out a bit more about World Water Day.

Like Earth Day, WWD is geared to raise awareness for people across the globe who have to trek 3-6 miles to secure polluted water for their families. Many of these water-seekers are children, and they are unable to attend school as a result.

Personally, I find this to be so moving because I switched my “drink of choice” to water after years of downing coffee and diet soda. My health really required that I take care of what I eat/ drink–as a result, water is my beverage of choice. I am lucky to be able to have access to water on a regular basis–World Water Day reminds me of that.

On March 22 and 24, all over the country, people will be participating in free events to raise awareness for WWD. You can even join the “World Water Walk” virtually if you can’t make it.

Check out the facts and see for yourself!



Pillow Talk

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When I got the HP Tablet laptop from my job (@ a high school), I gave it to my hubby to fiddle with some of the programs. One program is “Ink Art” which is actually pretty cool–it simulates all sorts of textures and colors as though you were creating with a real palette & tools. This is my husband’s quick sketch of me while he used the program. Pretty cool!

…Cupid gave us the best present ever–a snow day! Huzzah! I shoveled and then the plow pushed all of the snow back over the sidewalk. *sigh* Oh well. It’s better than being in school today!

This is the card I got from my hubby for Valentine’s Day. We have this inside joke that he can never buy me a card, because he’s an artist and every card he’s given to me, he’s made. This year, he made this wonderful Photoshop collage featuring both of our artwork. I was so lucky to get engaged on Valentine’s Day & be married to such a creative person. 🙂

Valentine Card

…I finally got some collages up on Etsy. I had two collages that just needed a small touch to be finished. FINALLY I got the collages out and just tinkered with them a bit. With this batch, it was the first time I used some of the ephemera I bought at the antique shows and @ the craft store. I was so hesitant to use it, but when I did, I loved the collages so much more. Giving life to these old documents is such a wonderful feeling. I wish I had more pictures from my family to use in my art. Working with photos inspires me to take my own pictures whenever I can to document our lives as it unfolds.

Wistful Dreamer…Wistful Gal

…Dream Gal…

Dream Gal

Dream Gal Close Up…

…Wistful Gal Close Up