December 2006

Mama would brush her daughter’s tendrils
as if she could fingerpaint the past away,
and her toddler would chocolate-smile and lick the brownie batter
while Mama’s haunted eyes never completely refocused.

*Bijou 12/31/06


Vintage Postcard gal

YAY my first sold collage through The Craftique…how cool is that?

French Romance

Silver Bells

Vintage Car

You push the sheets aside, hands slide
Under my bottom, opening my thighs to your moist
Lips, tasting the soft flesh there,
Even as my moans are lost into the winter evening.

Move closer, he says and
I slide to the bed’s edge,
Stretching toward his naked waist
To pull him closer.
Lift, he commands,
Even as he leans close my mouth, kisses
Tasting like chai, so I recline, raise my hips.
Open for me, he asks without words;
Eagerly, I respond in kind.


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