…so today @ 11:12 AM I turned 36. Very weird to think that I’ve walked the earth for that long. I want to blow out candles today and wish that I could be Nick Bantock and write/collage/create instead of going into that hell hole of a school where I work. Husband bought me a signed copy of Windflower which is just the coolest gift ever, because it’s like a secret message to me to DO what I NEED to do in order to really live the life I am supposed to. He took the greatest risk to come out here & be with me. What creative risks have I avoided taking?

I was very spoiled on this birthday…got some awesome goodies to fool around with (Sephora! YAY!) and The Gilmore Girls box set of the 6th season. Ooooh I got fun treats from Suzanne and the Offspring gave me a subscription to Everyday with Rachael Ray. YAY for me 🙂