There’s not much going on other than me grading papers and wondering when the hell I will scale this paper mountain. I don’t despise teaching per se; the volume of paper work is encroaching in my “life” (ha ha) and my sanity too. I tried to get a lot of work done last night and today @ work, and I still rotted on the couch for hours grading a bunch of crap. C’est La Vie.

It’s just that I want time to do some creative ventures…I miss my collage and my art. I made a few cards the other night, but I am going to be busy as shit this week and how can I carve out time to CREATE anything? Creating and writing is all that really excites me in terms of what I can do in my life. Being a wife and a Mama is wonderful, too, but I want to make a statement myself without spending so much time wondering instead of DOING.

I miss playing with words. This house is like a sponge that soaks up all of our creativity and leaves us wrung out, like a discarded washcloth. I envy Gale who has a carriage house studio. Why do I always covet someone else’s life?