October 2006



A strong breeze makes the rowan tree
List toward the house, and its branches caress
Lightly beneath the window while we kiss.

Heaven’s eyes seem closed; shrouded stars shine tonight
And all of the clouds seem backlit
Like a celestial marquee–the glow peeks through the panes,
Lingers on our bodies while our fingers sculpt
Over secret curves and hollows.
While the wind whistles through the trees,
Sandalwood candles scent the room, their wicks tremble

Even as my mouth does, reaching for your mouth’s descent,
Voracious for more–desire
Envelops us as the night breathes its approval.


All of these neat ideas come to me while I am sleeping; if I had an endtable next to the bed, I could keep a pad there and jot things down. Anyway I thought of a cool tag line for the River Dell literary magazine (we are calling the mag The Mosaic): I thought of “Word on the Street” as the theme. Last year we did “Figures of Speech” as the tagline. Who knows? Maybe I can use it in the collages I am making…

Matt contributed this phrase because we were chatting yesterday about someone having a crush on him…he said “Word on the Street is that (insert name here) has a crush on me.” YAY to that wonderful adolescent time in your life when the heart is uncomplicated by adult matters. YAY to “Word on the Street” also…

I can’t wait until Christine sends me the pictures of my collages so that I can post more links. I love the most recent ones I’ve made.

Boo yah to Halloween also. I wanted to dress up as the girl “Samara” from The Ring @ school. I just have to take some looks @ her outfit.

Here is the best thing ever…waking up next to my husband this morning. Love love love love love.

Wild evening of revels–

adroit movements captured by

lightning splicing the sky;

pressed together, two bodies



grasp with every muscle

in order to find the tandem—

s    l     o    w.


Night bellows approval

and thunder trembles outside;

caressing, the lovers seek solace in

heated embraces, always entwined, finding nature



Wondering about Walpurgisnacht? Read about it:

Walpurgis Night

Before leaving for work
I glance back at the bed–
Not too subtle, but you are asleep,
Dreaming of what, I can only imagine.

Under the covers, your form a smooth topography–
So tempting to rejoin you

There. Warm sheets, my lips pressed
On your shoulder like a just-licked postage stamp,
Greedy for more of your touch,
Eager to hear one of your sleepy sighs.
Tousled black hair, a shadowy corona encircling your
Head—I can feel its seductive softness
Even now, poised on the morning’s edge–I smile, and

Mama would use her shirt
to wipe it off of my cheeks,
or try, but instead, she would smudge
dreams and hollows beneath my eyes.

Haunted by her dreams
she would sit alone, and the kids
would whisper secret-code insults
while her future unfurled like a bolt of discount fabric.

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